East Berkeley Neighborhood Association


For over 20 years EBNA has been helping guide the development of the neighborhood from empty lots and abandoned and underutilized buildings to one of the most attractive, fastest growing areas of the city. At the same time, we've tried to maintain the traditional character of the neighborhood – the industrial buildings and the artists who have occupied them for decades and who give the area much of its vigor, even relative to the already diverse South End. The association is a collection of diverse, engaged, committed volunteers, with the objective of making the neighborhood a place where it is fun to live, fun to visit and shop, and good to open and run a business.

The result is a combination of diverse residences and businesses. The residents vary from empty nesters to new families with little kids who choose to stay in town to those who simply enjoy the vitality and diversity of city life. The businesses, many of which are locally owned, range from some known citywide to small neighborhood spots, each with a distinctive character.